On this page you can access a series of tracks recorded during some of our concerts. The recordings have not been subjected correction of equipment to studio and preserve the genuine emotion of live performance.

L-Boccherini Largo quartetto.mp3
L.Boccherini Minuetto.mp3
W.A.Mozart Adagio Allegro quartetto K465.mp3
Mozart K465 Andante cantabile.mp3
Beethoven Op 18 n°4 Andante scherzoso.mp3
G.Puccini Crisantemi Elegia.mp3
G.Gershwin Rhapsodie in blue.mp3
O.Gjeilo Northern Light.mp3
A.L.Webber I don'tknow to love him Jesus Christ Superstar.mp3
E.Morricone Gabriel's oboe.mp3
N.Rota Romeo e Giulietta theme.mp3
The Beatles Yesterday.mp3
C. Gardel Por una cabeza Tango.mp3
E.Searle Evening shadows tango.mp3
G.Bregovic Underground Tango_.mp3
C. Perry A thousand years.mp3
R.Djawadi Games of thrones.mp3
Led Zeppelin Starway to heaven.mp3